What We Offer
Global competition, changing regulations, shifting customer demands, limited resources, capacity challenges, and budget constraints you’ve got a lot on your plate

You shouldn’t have to worry about your infrastructure. That’s our job. With the emergence & maintenance of cloud computing, Virtualization, and mobility, E-cre8n is well aligned with market trends and demands. We offer the technology, processes, and people clients need to transform their IT infrastructure, achieving efficiencies, cost savings and other strategic business outcomes.

Do you have?
  • An IT infrastructure designed to diagnose and remediate problems quickly and efficiently?
  • An IT infrastructure designed for reliability with the ability to quickly scale?
  • An optimized IT infrastructure continuously measured against specified service levels?
  • An experienced IT team to seamlessly integrate new IT infrastructure with legacy systems?
  • A “core focus” of improving IT operations processes and IT staff training?
  • Established practices in using infrastructure security management services?
  • A team experienced in IT infrastructure patching, upgrades and migrations?
  • An advanced IT Service Management (ITSM) framework specifically designed to manage a diverse IT infrastructure environment?
  • A team continually improving IT infrastructure design and increasing IT “value”?

In today’s quickly evolving business environments, communication systems are a necessity to operate a successful business. Moving computers, phone systems or your business may bring with it concerns of downtime which can affect your bottom line. E-cre8n’s structured wiring, voice & data and network cabling specialists eliminate these worries by delivering structured network cabling solutions for voice, video and data systems. We specialize in new construction, office relocations, and server room cabling and cleanup. Whether you need cabling for your data network, your phone system or both, we will ensure that you get everything needed for a reliable up-to-date system that will support the newest technologies.

E-cre8n network transformation services ensure that all your business applications remain in an ‘always-on-and-available’ mode. Through our services, we help clients reshape their network infrastructure to keep pace with digital trends while also improving performance and optimizing costs.

Our services include:

– Network Optimization services

– Campus network services

– Software defined network services

Our skilled IT talent advises companies in a highly complex information technology environment where businesses are challenged to continue to manage their own technology.

Our progressive solutions enable companies to grow their businesses for superior end results, taking a customer-first approach in everything we do. Our consultation time will leave you informed and ready to make the right choices at a cost that fits your budget.

E-cre8n recognizes your need for program and project management—to organize resources and drive activities to improve business results. We focus on increased productivity, forward innovation and measurable performance standards leveraging technology to improve business profitability.

With a clear understanding of your objectives, we manage the planning, implementation, and coordination of your project details, program management, business systems, website and application development, and IT infrastructure.

E-cre8n has been helping businesses make the right decisions for their telecommunications infrastructure, service and IT.  With so many options available, selecting the right tools to communicate can be a challenge. Too many businesses suffer from information overload.

Unified Communications should be all about simplifying the user experience. E-cre8n creates Unified Communication (UC) strategies that align with your business goals to deliver results, while simplifying the user experience to increase productivity.

We offer fire safety solutions that create cost savings for our customers. We supply over 3500 firesafety products and fire safety services, and our friendly, professional staff will always focus on what is best for our customers.