Our Visitor’s management system provides secure online visitor management solutions for industries, facility management and companies of any size seeking easier visitor management and employee control, increased visitor and employee security and simplified visitor badging as well as green paperless badging.

Schedule your visitors for quick check in, or secure unmanned entrances with kiosks, cutting down unwanted traffic and reducing staff costs.

eVisitors Features

Provide full Audit Trails

Track every visitor at every facility in the Enterprise — and easily generate detailed reports — so you stay compliant with local and federal standards.

Access Control Integration

eVisitor for the Enterprise integrates with most existing access control systems. Ensure every person is who they say they are and allowed access to only where authorized

Manage both Vendors & Contractors

Know who you are expecting, and who you aren’t, so you can keep contractors and vendors moving quickly — and everyone else out.

Get Security at Scale

Protect one building, or one thousand. eVisitor for the Enterprise is built for global companies with multiple locations local or global.

Keep everyone where they belong

Create multiple levels of access, and keep unauthorized visitors and employees out of areas they don’t belong — like administrative areas, supply rooms, high security wings, and more.

Biometric and Barcode Support

eVisitor can easily integrate with existing Biometric and barcode system using the Biometric Open Protocol Standard (BOPS). This allows the system print Gate Pass for visitors.

What are you waiting for?

You benefit from:
  • Greater security. Schedule and monitor everything from vendor visits to package deliveries.
  • A truly automated experience. Register visitors, confirm identities, and print badges in seconds.
  • Increased insight —knowing who is in the building, who will be arriving, and when.
  • Fewer lines in the lobby, since employees can preregister their visitors quickly and easily.
Your Visitors Enjoy:
  • Shorter waiting times, since each visitor’s host is automatically notified upon arrival.
  • Faster, more professional check-in and checkout, with a seamless, VIP experience.
  • Less confusion with automatically sent emails containing directions and check-in instructions.