With HR evolving as a key strategic component within organizations, choosing the simplest and perfect-fit HR Software is critical to engage and empower your employees. A perfect combo of Time tested practices and Millennial outlook is key to engage today’s modern workforce.


Leave Management

Our software simplifies your leave management process. You can record and monitor all types of leave across your organization: vacation, training, sick days, etc. You can also analyze absence patterns to maintain efficiency and reduce lost time.

Performance Appraisal

Our HR management system is a fully-equipped performance appraisal module allows managers to assess employees’ performance over a specific period of time and empowers organizations to build their own appraisal process. It helps you analyze the abilities and performance of your employees. Run performance appraisal cycles to complete the review in a systematic way.

Time Management

Our Time Management helps you keep track of your employees’ work. Regularly monitor your team’s efficiency and improve their overall productivity.

Talent Acquisition

This cluster features a full-cycle resource requisition process, capable of both creating resource requisitions and obtaining requisition approval from multiple levels.

Monitor and maintain the requisition process, starting with request initialization, all the way to candidate CV management and everything in between. This module includes: scheduling interviews, shortlisting and selecting a candidate.

Keep track of interview rounds, along with accompanying feedback and shortlist candidates. Before scheduling an interview, the user will be able to view comments of each interviewer in previous rounds.

Employee Self-Service

With our solution self-service feature employees can access and update their own records based on established rules. Make your HR staff more efficient by freeing them from manually entering updates.